Lisa Lee

Welcome to Lisa Lee Images

If I can stir an emotion with an image I've captured, if you are drawn to consider the beauty of this world created by God, if for even a moment you are overcome by the extent of His creations, then I have served Him in some small way with the photographic skills He has granted me. I am constantly reminded the lens in my camera will never be as good as the lens He created in my eye and the depth of His beauty will never fit within my image sensor or frame of film.

I hope you enjoy your visit through these galleries. I update them from time to time and am always happy to read any comments you wish to leave. Should you find an image, but desire a larger size or better quality, please contact me at Images are available as prints, on canvas (mounted or unmounted/rolled), or metal prints (printed on aluminum). I will be happy to have my lab prepare any other special requests you may have.